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Marine Debris Program Joins SWANApalooza to Discuss Solid Waste Management

MARCH 1, 2019 — On February 26, the Marine Debris Program’s Northeast Regional Coordinator, Demi Fox, attended SWANApalooza, the Solid Waste Association of North America’s annual conference and trade show in Boston, Massachusetts.

For the first time, marine debris was a featured topic at the conference. Under this year’s theme of “Building the Future”, organizers hosted several presentations and panel discussions led by scientists at the forefront of the marine debris field. Along with other experts, Dr. Kara Lavender Law of the Sea Education Association and Dr. Jenna Jambeck with the University of Georgia spoke at a keynote seminar about the state of the science, education, research, and funding that will inform future preventative actions.

NOAA’s Demi Fox provided attendees with an update from the Marine Debris Program, including an overview of current Program-funded projects in the Northeast Region, upcoming funding opportunities, and ways that individuals and organizations can become involved in marine debris efforts around the region and the country.

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