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Marine Debris Program Presents at Rutgers Marine Extension Program Seminar Series

JULY 18, 2022 — On June 30, 2022, Katie Morgan on behalf of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Debris Program was invited to participate in the Rutgers Marine Extension Program Seminar Series (MEPSS).

The MEPSS provides the public with the opportunity to learn about research and programs that are addressing issues related to New Jersey’s marine fisheries, aquaculture industries, and coastal marine resources. The seminars emphasize how people can get involved to make progress on local and regional issues, as well as education on recommended best practices and tools available for a diversity of applications. 

An estimated 70 individuals attended Katie’s 90-minute presentation focused on macro-debris, accompanied by an engaging question and answer session. Katie discussed a broad overview of the types, sources, and impacts of marine debris, as well as a deep dive into plastics and consumer debris. She shared information on the  Marine Debris Program’s prevention, removal, and research projects in the Mid-Atlantic, emphasizing ongoing or recently completed projects in New Jersey. She also shared an overview of the Mid-Atlantic Marine Debris Action Plan and the New Jersey Marine Debris Emergency Response Guide. She closed out the presentation by highlighting ways to be a good steward of our ocean and coasts and how to have a debris-free Independence Day!

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