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Marine Debris Program Presents to Salish Sea Stewards

MAY 2, 2022 – On April 19, NOAA Marine Debris Program (MDP) staff presented to the Salish Sea Stewards on marine debris and the NOAA Marine Debris Monitoring and Assessment Project (MDMAP).

The Salish Sea Stewards program is run by the Skagit County Marine Resources Committee in Washington State, and provides 40 hours of free training to citizens who want to learn about the marine environment and volunteer opportunities to make a difference in their communities.

Carlie Herring, the MDP Research Coordinator, gave an overview of marine debris and microplastics, and Hillary Burgess, the MDP Monitoring Coordinator, introduced MDMAP, highlighted examples of how data have been used, and shared how to get involved. As a result, MDMAP survey sites will be established in the Puget Sound.

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