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Marine Debris Talks Packaging Design for Prevention
Woman pointing to a large screen as she gives a presentation.
Sherry Lippiatt demonstrates the sources of debris with the Santa Clara Valley Pollution Prevention Program’s graphic on "How Trash Gets into Creeks.” Image credit: NOAA.

MAY 11, 2018 — On May 3, Sherry Lippiatt, California Regional Coordinator for the Marine Debris Program, gave a marine debris seminar to the Golden Gate Institute of Packaging Professionals at Amazon Lab 126 in Sunnyvale, California.

Her talk titled "There Is No Away: The Marine Debris Problem and How to Solve It," covered the sources, fate, and impacts of marine debris and various approaches to prevention. Attendees were interested to hear about changes to product design that could potentially reduce the sources of common debris. One example included tethering caps to bottled water in order to prevent the separation and loss of the bottle caps before they can be disposed of properly.

On May 7, Sherry gave the same talk to a group of about 100 undergraduates, graduates, and faculty as part of the California State University Monterey Bay School of Natural Sciences seminar series.

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