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De-Oiling the Delta: Video of the DM932 Oil Spill Response

On July 23, 2008, the 600-foot chemical tanker Tintomara and the 200-foot fuel barge DM932 collided near downtown New Orleans, La. Within hours, NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) was on-scene, providing support for the cleanup and assessment of 270,000 gallons of oil.

This video chronicles OR&R's efforts during the spill, the impacts to the Mississippi River, and the continuing restoration efforts. Learn more and view photos of this spill incident at our IncidentNews website.

OR&R draws on three decades of experience in responding with the U.S. Coast Guard to spill emergencies, and resolving the sometimes long-term problems presented by major oil spills. The Emergency Response Division (ERD) of OR&R provides scientific and technical support to assist the U.S. Coast Guard in its responses to oil and chemical releases in coastal waters. Among the services that OR&R provides are trajectory analyses to estimate where spilled pollutants may move; information about the fate and effects of the different types of oil; and environmental assessments, including cleanup assessment surveys and resources-at-risk surveys.

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