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Natural Resource Damage Assessment at the LCP Chemical Site in Brunswick, Georgia

MAY 18, 2018 — As part of an ongoing natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) at the LCP Chemical Site in Brunswick, Georgia, NOAA and other co-trustees, gave a short presentation on May 15 for the Glynn County Commissioners working meeting.

The presentation included a general overview of the NRDA process and a brief update on the ongoing assessment of natural resource injuries associated with the LCP site. The presentation was generally well received and questions centered on the NRDA time line and types of restoration projects. In addition to restoring natural resources, the NRDA process also includes restoring for lost resource services, such as fishing. Therefore, in addition ecological restoration projects, the Commissioners received an explanation of possible restoration projects such as improvements to boat ramps, access to fishing, or pier improvements as examples of projects that could compensate the community for lost recreational use injuries.  Presenters were Dr. Michel Gielazyn for NOAA, Dr. Anthony Sowers for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Jim Brown for Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

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