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New Project Begins to Address the Science of PFAS During Oil Spill Response

AUG. 22, 2022 — Later this year and in 2023, a cross-divisional team within OR&R will address the science of per- and poly-fluorinated substances (PFAS) in aqueous fire-fighting foams (AFFF).

Damaged tanks.
Damaged tanks at the ITC Deer Park facility on March 27, 2019 near La Porte, Texas. Image credit: U.S. Coast Guard.

PFAS are often called “forever chemicals” because they are highly persistent in the environment. The OR&R team will prepare a training module on these hazardous chemicals for the Science of Oil Spills training class and a "response-ready" science brief that can be used by emergency responders.

This research is important now because the regulatory framework for PFAS is changing rapidly and newly-published information may affect how AFFFs are used in the coastal environment.

The project is a collaboration between OR&R's Assessment and Restoration Division, Emergency Response Division, and Disaster Preparedness Program. OR&R's scientists also will coordinate with groups inside and outside the agency working to protect communities from PFAS. 

Last updated Tuesday, November 8, 2022 1:40pm PST