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NOAA Engages Students with Hands-On Activities at X-STEM NOVA Conference

NOV. 7, 2022 — On Oct. 26, representatives from NOAA’s National Ocean Service and the Marine Debris Program, within NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration, presented to more than 200 middle and high school students at a unique field trip opportunity in Washington D.C.

Students from across the D.C. region participated in "X-STEM NOVA," a free, conference-style event geared toward engaging students in science, technology, engineering, and math topics. 

The NOAA team presented on the definition and impacts of marine debris, and students conducted experiments and hands-on activities focused on buoyancy, entanglement, and ingestion of debris. The session concluded with an opportunity for students to share pledges for ways they can prevent pollution. Other activities from the conference included “Escape from Measurement Island,” presentations from the Air Force Office of Research, and a keynote from science communicator Maynard Okereke, better known as the Hip Hop M.D.

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