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Tier2 Submit

Tier2 Submit™ is a program for filling out Tier II forms electronically. The program is developed jointly by NOAA and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and it runs on both Windows and Mac computers. Download Tier2 Submit from the EPA site.

The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requires facilities that have certain hazardous chemicals to file an annual Tier II form if the chemical amounts are above specific thresholds. The Tier II form includes basic information about the facility and its chemical inventory.

The Tier2 Submit program allows you to make an electronic Tier II submission file, which can then be submitted according to the requirements of your state (if they accept Tier2 Submit files). Tier2 Submit files can also be imported directly into the CAMEO Data Manager program for emergency response and planning purposes.

Tier2 Submit is updated yearly, and only the most recent version can be used to create the annual Tier II submission file. (If you have data from the previous year's version of Tier2 Submit, you can transfer it to the current version.) Tier2 Submit includes all of the fields from the federal Tier II form—and it also includes additional fields that are required or requested by some states.

More Information about Tier2 Submit
  • State Tier II Reporting Requirements: Read about the reporting requirements for your state or territory, including whether they will accept Tier2 Submit submission files, on the EPA site.
  • Tier II Reporting FAQs: Review some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tier II reporting on the EPA site.
  • CAMEO® Software Suite: Find out more about the four core programs—and several related programs—in the CAMEO software suite, which aids in hazardous material response and planning.

Questions: Contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions about Tier2 Submit.

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