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OR&R Presents Arctic ERMA at the U.S.-Canadian Northern Oil and Gas Research Forum
Screen shot of a map.

OCTOBER 13, 2017—Dr. Amy Merten was invited to present work on Arctic ERMA® – Environmental Response Management Application and its role in the international oil spill preparedness and response realm.

Dr. Merten presented examples of how ERMA was used in the recent hurricane responses to illustrate needs for fast and accurate data acquisition, developing standard workflows, prioritizing data and products, and interoperability among data visualization systems. Dr. Merten also presented results of the Arctic Council’s working group on Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR) on international exercises and data sharing among the Arctic Nations’ implementation of an international agreement on oil pollution preparedness and response. Highlights included the new polar projections options in Arctic ERMA, enabling more accurate depiction of data and mapping in the polar latitudes and a more international, transparent view of the Arctic to aid in planning for international response. The presentation also highlighted multiple partnerships with the Alaska Ocean Observing System, the University of Alaska – Fairbanks, the National Weather Service, and the University of Alaska – Anchorage Arctic Domain Awareness Center.

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Photo: National Ice Center Daily Ice Extent presented in a polar projection in Arctic ERMA.