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Shoreline Assessment Forms

When spilled oil contaminates a shoreline, responders must survey the affected areas to determine the best response. Below are standard forms you can download, print out, and then use to record your observations during a shoreline survey following an oil spill. Different forms have been developed for different habitats and types of oiling (e.g., river, wetland, tarball oiling).

You can find more information about how to use the forms in the Shoreline Assessment Manual. In addition, the Shoreline Assessment Job Aid serves as a supplement to the Manual, providing visual examples of many of the terms you would use during shoreline assessments.


Forms for general use:

The following forms have been customized for specific shoreline or oil types. The second page of each contains explanations of terms used in the forms.

More Information about Shoreline Assessment

Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT): Here is an overview of SCAT, a simple and comprehensive way to perform a survey of an oiled shoreline.

Shoreline Assessment Manual: This manual outlines methods for conducting shoreline assessment and using the results to make cleanup decisions at oil spills.

Shoreline Assessment Job Aid: This job aid was developed for use in the field and to supplement the manual, providing a visual guide to many of the terms used and conditions found during shoreline assessments.

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