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Adak Petroleum Tank Release

On January 11, 2010, up to 142,000 gallons of #2 diesel fuel was released from a 4.8 million gallon underground tank at the Adak Petroleum Bulk Fuel facility on Adak Island in the central Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Fuel was being transferred from a tanker at the adjacent loading dock, when the tank was overfilled. The containment sump unit was overwhelmed and the fuel entered Helmet Creek, a salmon creek that flows into the small boat harbor in the Port of Adak. Most of the diesel was confined to the creek, but more than a thousand gallons may have flowed out to Sweeper Cove. 

The NOAA Scientific Support Coordinator deployed on-scene and aided in SCAT (Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique) surveys of Helmet Creek. In July 2013, the NOAA and other state and federal trustees implemented restoration activities in Helmet Creek. The restoration focused on restoring juvenile and adult fish passage, improving water quality, and allowing for improved habitat for salmonid species. In 2014 and 2016, monitoring by NOAA observed successful fish passage by returning pink salmon.

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