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OR&R Contributes to Oil Industry Webinars

DEC. 20, 2021 —Former OR&R scientific support coordinators (SSCs) Steve Lehmann and Ann Hayward Walker recently participated in several of ExxonMobil’s 2021 "Oil Spill Response Knowledge Transfer Webinars," a series brought back after its success last year.

From 1980 to 1990, Ann served as the NOAA SSC for the New England region, providing training, contingency planning support, and coordination of scientific advice to the U.S. Coast Guard, state agencies, and others. Ann’s most recent work was president and founder (retired) of SEA Consulting Group in Cape Charles, Virginia.

Stepping into Ann’s role, until his retirement in 2020, Steve continued that work, serving as the SSC for every notable marine pollution emergency in the region, as well as a number of significant international incidents. 

Steve and Ann shared their experience and knowledge in the following webinars:

  • "Connecting the Dots for Complex Oil Spills: Barriers to Success," by Ann Hayward Walker, on the importance of effective response communications. (Webinar recording).
  • "Communicating with the Public during a Spill—and other War Stories," by Steve Lehmann, addressing oil spills and human perception, case studies, and mistakes and successes. (Webinar recording).
  • Roundtable discussion: Steve Lehmann joined spill experts Alan A. Allen and Ed Owens, sharing their personal experiences and interesting stories during oil spill responses. (Roundtable recording to follow).

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