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OR&R Disaster Preparedness Program Looking Ahead to FY22-26

JULY 12, 2021 ─ The Disaster Preparedness Program (DPP) recently finalized its FY22-26 Strategic Plan. This is the second strategic plan for the DPP, which marks the three-year point for the program. The DPP has been growing in a slow, steady, and deliberative way. Additions to our portfolio over the last three years include recovery and regional support.  

The new plan expands on the previous plan and clarifies some of our goals and objectives. Input from internal and external partners was incorporated into the plan to reflect the range of support provided by the DPP. Our next step will be to use the goals and objectives in our strategic plan to develop our FY22 Operations Plan. The DPP team and OR&R partners met recently to discuss ideas for this plan. DPP managers will evaluate all of the proposed activities based on how they fit into our strategic plan, their level of impact and level of effort, and will determine what moves into the operations plan.

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