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OR&R Explores Faith and Spirituality at Monthly Diversity and Inclusion Event

SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 — This week OR&R staff and team members came together to explore the role of faith and spirituality in our lives at the September OR&R Diversity and Inclusion event.

Six panelists from across various locations and divisions opened up about their faith and how it impacts their lives and work. Panelists represented thoughts from Christian, Jewish, Baha'i, Wiccan, and agnostic perspectives. Some panelists shared information on their faith and its history, while others addressed how they live and express their faith through daily actions. Several representatives shared how it can be difficult to be a member of a minority religion or belief system, and how they cope with those challenges. They also discussed if and how they reconcile any tensions between their faith and their daily lives. 

In a short discussion following the panelists' presentations, other members of OR&R shared about their belief systems, empathized with thoughts expressed by the panelists, and asked questions about some of the challenges the panelists experienced in enacting their faith. Some panelists critiqued their own religion, but by the close of the event, it was clear that their faith helped them live a life of love and compassion and guided them in what was fair and just in their eyes. 

OR&R strives to make our workplace one that is open and inclusive and supports dialogues around challenging conversations. To provide feedback on this or other diversity and inclusion-related events and initiatives, please leave feedback using the Diversity and Inclusion Committee digital feedback form. OR&R leadership would like to remind the team that an employee or team member's faith, spirituality, or religious beliefs have no bearings on performance evaluations. 

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