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OR&R Lecture Series: Dr. Bill Lehr on Liquefied Natural Gas Releases

JUNE 22, 2020 — On June 18, Dr. Bill Lehr, Scientist Emeritus for the National Ocean Service and OR&R retired senior scientist presented to 300 participants as part of the OR&R Lecture series, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW, for a ride through the world of liquified natural gas (LNG) or liquified methane releases into the sea.

Cut-away illustration of an LNG tanker.
Cut-away illustration of an LNG tanker. Image credit: Dr. Bill Lehr.

It was strange, fascinating and sometimes a bit scary. Dr. Lehr is a recognized expert in this field with experience that includes assisting in the reopening of Boston Harbor to LNG shipping following the events of 9-11. Methane is reduced in volume by 620 times and cooled to a brisk -126C (about the temperature of Saturn's moon, Titan), then loaded onto ships carrying a volume equivalent to that of a Super Tanker. Next time you turn on your stove and see that familiar blue flame, realize that it was once frozen fire.

Next week on June 25: Steve Boshang, Texas General Land Office's Director of R&D talks about the innovative planning efforts of the Texas Automated Buoy System and integration with GPS and remote sensing. Please join us.

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Series poster.
Image credit: NOAA.
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