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OR&R at the National Weather Service Alaska Sea Ice Program

FEBRUARY 3, 2020 — While in Anchorage, Alaska to attend the Alaska Marine Science Symposium, Oceanographer Dylan Righi took the opportunity to visit the National Weather Service Alaska Sea Ice Program.

Person posing in a snowy environment.
Dylan Righi. Image credit: NOAA.

The Alaska Sea Ice Program (ASIP) produces daily sea ice and sea surface temperature analysis products for the waters surrounding Alaska. The program also delivers a five-day sea ice forecast three times each week, provides a three-month sea ice outlook at the end of each month, and has staff available to respond to sea ice related information inquiries.

With projected increases in maritime shipping and natural resource development in the Arctic, ERD is interested in improving our modeling capabilities for potential oil spills occurring in ice covered waters. During this visit, Dylan had the opportunity to learn about the ASIP products and discuss how they might integrate into OR&R’s oil trajectory and fate predictions in waters with ice present. Pursuing these cross- line office partnerships before a spill occurs is critical for increasing our readiness to respond in the unfortunate event of a spill occurring to ensure timely communication of regional observations and expertise. 

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