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OR&R Participates in St. Petersburg Science Festival

FEB. 20, 2024 — On February 9-10, NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration participated in the two-day St. Petersburg Science Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida.

OR&R staff gathered at booth at the St. Petersburg Science Festival School Day.
(Left to right: Ashley Hill, Michel Giezlan, Kevin Kirsch, Susan Snyder, and Ryan Smith.) OR&R staff at the St. Petersburg Science Festival School Day.

On day one, the event was open to fourth and fifth graders from local schools in the area. The students used critical thinking skills to sort and categorize debris items typically found during beach cleanups. Over 100 students and teachers learned about the potential sources and harmful impacts of marine debris, along with how they can help to be part of the solution.

On day two of the event, the local community in attendance learned about marine debris and how they can help prevent common debris items, such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, monofilament fishing line, and straws from ending up in the environment through an interactive plinko board game. Visitors also learned how they can reduce their impact with reusable alternatives to common single-use plastic items.

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