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OR&R Representatives exchange information on preparedness and response initiatives with spill response community members

OCT. 21, 2022 — On Oct. 19-20, OR&R was represented by Scott Lundgren, Aaron Parker, and LT Steven Wall at two information exchange forums with the oil spill response community.  

A group of people posing for a group photo.
Participants in the Environmental Consultation Seminar held at the NOAA Inouye Regional Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, Dec. 5-9, 2022. Image credit: USCG District 14.

On the Oct. 19, the Spills Advisory Group met at the American Petroleum Institute in Washington D.C.  This semi-annual meeting brings together representatives of state and federal government, non-government organizations, academia, petroleum industry, and cleanup organizations for information sharing on spill preparedness and response. 

On Oct. 20, NOAA joined leadership of the Spill Control Association of America and the American Petroleum Industry Cooperative Managers in a format allowing for more conversational exchange on the aspects of interest to these associations representing the oil spill removal element of the spills community.

In both venues, NOAA updates included agency priorities, regular and supplemental appropriations, OR&R staff changes, FY22 responses, preparedness, products, and tools updates, general areas of research interest, oil in ice sensor research, and training. The representatives had the opportunity to hear about, ask questions, and make connections on relevant projects and initiatives.

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