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OR&R’s Mary Baker and Marla Steinhoff Receive 2019 National Ocean Service Safety Pro Award

Two people in in life vests pulling a net through water.
Mary Baker and Marla Steinhoff doing sampling on the Lower Duwamish River in Seattle.

NOV. 25, 2019 — The National Ocean Service (NOS) awarded Mary Baker and Marla Steinhoff, Office of Response and Restoration, the biannual 2019 NOS Safety Pro Award for authoring comprehensive safety plans for essential field work on the Duwamish and Willamette rivers.

OR&R was without a safety officer during the planning phase of this project. Mary and Marla recognized the need and demonstrated our culture of safety by stepping outside their typical roles to fill a critical gap that could not wait for a new hire. Their work ensured field staff from National Marine Fisheries Services, Office of Marine and Aviation Operations, and NOS had the information and training necessary for a series of successful and safe field missions that will support two of the program’s highest priority assessments.

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Last updated Monday, December 9, 2019 8:24am PST