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OR&R’s You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Lecture Series: Marine Snow

NOVEMBER 1, 2021 ─ What is marine snow? It is definitely not something strap on your boots and board to go ski, it is a little deeper than that, actually way deeper. In fact, look to the oceans, marine snow is mostly an organic matter that is falling from higher layers of the water column to lower layers and eventually settling on the sea floors.

Lecture poster.
Image credit: NOAA.

Ok, so what does it have to do with oil and spills? Join us as we talk to Dr. Uta Passow, Prof., Canada Research Chair-1, Ocean Sciences Centre, Memorial University Newfoundland, Canada. Where she will talk about the importance of marine snow being used as transport vehicles for oil resulting in the sedimentation of oil to the deep seafloor. Currently her team is focusing on the interactions between oil, dispersants, exopolymers and particles as part of the Multi-Partner Research Initiative under Canada's Ocean Protection Plan.

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