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OR&R Scientists Convene to Share Research and Advances and Connect with Anacostia Partners

MAY 13, 2019 — Over three dozen environmental scientists and natural resource economists from OR&R’s Assessment and Restoration Division gathered in Washington, D.C. this week to discuss recent updates and advances in Natural Resource Damage Assessments (NRDA).

Group of people in a boat on a river.
Image credit: NOAA.

It was a chance for experts from across the country to share updates on waste site and oil spill NRDA from their regions.  They reviewed recent program accomplishments and plans, and brainstormed about priorities for communications and outreach.

They also shared the status of ongoing research on a variety of topics. Highlights included: toxicity of oil on Arctic cod; predicting PCB impacts on benthic invertebrates, larval fish and corals; advanced methods to detect and model submerged oil, oil in the water column, and surface oil. 

Presentations of note included evaluating marine mammal stranding network data; new guidelines for assessing impacts of oil on sea turtles and marine mammals; passive samplers for contaminants; and toxicity and chemistry of oxyhydrocarbons. 

A highlight of the meeting were presentations and tour of the Anacostia River from several partners including DC Dept. of Energy and Environment, University of Maryland, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Anacostia Watershed Society, Anacostia Waterfront Trust, and Anacostia Riverkeeper.

This visit to the field allowed the ARD team to experience an urban river that has been impacted by pollution. Meeting with community members who care deeply for the Anacostia River, and observing its natural beauty firsthand, was a powerful reminder of why the work ARD does is important.

The All Hands Meeting was not only successful in bringing all of ARD together and up to speed, but also in reinvigorating the work we do on behalf of the American public.

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