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OR&R Scientists Share Experiences and Expertise with Students

DEC. 5, 2022 — OR&R scientists hosted a booth at the “Scientist at Sea Research Symposium” put on by local Eckerd College to showcase student research.

A person standing at a booth.
Susan Snyder, Office of Response and Restoration. Image credit: NOAA.

OR&R staff spoke to students about NOAA and general career advice. It was an opportunity for staff to reconnect with numerous local institutions and provide information to students interested in pursuing a STEM career.

Eckerd’s Scientist at Sea program is a multi-semester undergraduate course, funded by NSF’s GEOPAths program. Each student went to sea on a multi-day research cruise on the  R/V Weatherbird II, completed a research project, and presented their results at the symposium. The cruise revisited long-standing time series research stations established to study deep benthic impacts of the Deepwater Horizon. For more information on the Eckerd College Scientist at Sea course, please see their website.

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