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OR&R at Spills Advisory Group at American Petroleum Institute

OCTOBER 21, 2019 — OR&R’s Emergency Response Division Chief, Scott Lundgren, participated in the biennial Spills Advisory Group on October 9, hosted by the American Petroleum Institute and bringing together representatives of state and federal government, non-government organizations, academia, petroleum industry, and cleanup organizations for information sharing on spill preparedness and response. 

OR&R Director David Westerholm participated remotely and provided his perspectives on spill response enterprise having participated in the Spills Advisory Group for two decades. 

The semi-annual Spills Advisory Group information exchange allows participants to share information on each other's activities to enhance environmental protection and response. OR&R briefed on recent spill activities including cross-NOAA support on the wreck COIMBRA oil removal, two Houston area spills with a focus on an interagency modeling center’s involvement and growing NOAA connectivity to this group, research and methods development projects, and training and education on spill topics.

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