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OR&R Staff Spotlight: Lindsey Palardy

FEBRUARY 8, 2019 — Lindsey Palardy is the Communications and Policy Specialist for NOAA’s Marine Debris Program.

A woman posing for photo while sitting on stairs.
Lindsey Palardy. Image credit: Stephen Reasonover Photography (rights reserved).

Based in Silver Spring, Lindsey’s primary role is to build and maintain relationships and effective communications within NOAA and across sectors in order to leverage information and identify collaboration opportunities. In this capacity, Lindsey handles information requests from Congress, the Administration, NOAA, the media, and external partners. She also serves as the Executive Secretariat for the Interagency Marine Debris Coordinating Committee.

Originally from Florida, Lindsey has enjoyed living in California, Colorado, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. She has learned a tremendous amount by spending time in different communities, and these “life lessons” have enriched and guided her educational training and career path.

Lindsey holds a J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law, a M.A. from Brown University, and a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. Her graduate work examined the effects of education on post-disaster risk perception, and her undergraduate work focused on groundwater research and management approaches.

These educational experiences provided a solid foundation upon which to explore her main passion - helping people make informed decisions through research, education, and community engagement. In her day-to-day role as a Communications and Policy Specialist, Lindsey draws from diverse skills and experiences in legal research and policy consulting, nonprofit fundraising and grant writing, government relations, and campaigning. She is proud to be part of NOAA’s marine debris team and its work to empower everyone, from individuals to top decision-makers, to step up and be part of the solution.

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