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Articles from July 17, 2015

Posted: July 17, 2015
Photo of man standing in front of trees.

JULY 17, 2015--Ben Shorr, with OR&R’s Assessment and Restoration Division, gave a keynote presentation at the National Environmental Monitoring Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Posted: July 17, 2015
Dead crab on a beach.

JULY 17, 2015--New software from NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration could serve as a one-stop rapid response tool to aid spill responders as they assess the environmental effects of chemical or oil spills.

Posted: July 17, 2015

JULY 17, 2015--“This is LT Murphy with the USCG. There has been a ship collision in Puget Sound off of Shilshole Bay.” So began the journey for NOAA Science camp participants exploring what OR&R’s Emergency Response Division scientists do during an oil spill emergency.

Posted: July 17, 2015
Three jars on a table containing microplastics in water.

JULY 17, 2015--This month the NOAA Marine Debris Program released the Laboratory Methods for the Analysis of Microplastics in the Marine Environment: Recommendations for measuring synthetic particles in waters and sediment.

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