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New Version of OR&R’s “Incident News” Website

The OR&R Emergency Response Division is pleased to announce the release of an updated version of IncidentNews.

IncidentNews provides the public with information about incidents that OR&R is involved in. In addition to current incidents, the site contains historical information for over two thousand incidents beginning with the Tampico Maru in 1957.

The major update includes enhanced search and browse capabilities, new graphics and layout, and an improved incident location map.

This is also the first OR&R website that uses responsive design technology.

We invite you to take a tour of the updated site and let the development team of David Wesley, Mike Orr, Nickie Scillo, and Nathan Wilkins know what you think.

For questions or comments, please email the team at:

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Image of Kent-Reliant grounding in 2003.
On September 18, 2003, M/V Kent Reliant grounded at the entrance to San Juan Harbor, Puerto Rico. (NOAA)