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Articles from September 5, 2014

Posted: September 3, 2014
People gathering oil samples along the Mississippi River.

OR&R's Emergency Response Division met with oil spill responders from California and the EPA to kick off a collaboration to develop a new handheld Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Technique (SCAT) data collection tool.

When completed, this tool will greatly improve the speed and accuracy of field data collection during oil spills.

Posted: September 5, 2014
General Electric plant next to falls on the Hudson River in New York.

Dredging and capping/backfilling activities in the Upper Hudson River are destroying mussel beds and mussel habitat, which are not being replaced as part of the remedy for the Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site in New York.

The trustees recently issued the final plan for a study examining how freshwater mussel communities are affected by these activities.

Posted: September 5, 2014
People in a boat pull trash out of a marina using nets.

The NOAA Marine Debris Program is a proud sponsor of the annual International Coastal Cleanup. This year, the cleanup is taking place on Saturday, September 20, 2014, across the globe from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

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