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Planning for Trans-Boundary Spills in Alaska
Seated man speaking with two others standing in a crowded room.
NOAA's Zach Winters-Staszac briefing Andrey Kushev and Natalia Kutaeva on Arctic Erma during the PREP Exercise. Image credit: NOAA.

AUG. 24, 2018 — On August 21-23, 2018, NOAA joined the U.S. Coast Guard, State of Alaska, and representatives from the Russian Federation, in a seminar on "Understanding Maritime Pollution Threats and Response Systems in the Russian Federation - United States Trans-Boundary Area". 

The meeting was a planning session for an upcoming trans-boundary exercise in Sakhalin, Russia in November 2018.  The visiting Russian representatives from their Marine Rescue Service included Andrey Kushev, Natalia Kutaeva, and 1st Deputy Director Victor Chernov.  The Russian group also observed an ExxonMobil-led PREP exercise in Anchorage and received briefings on U.S. spill response policies and the Incident Command System. There was also an opportunity for briefings on NOAA tools including GNOME and ERMA. 

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