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NOAA supports partners and communities throughout the emergency management cycle, from mitigation and preparedness to response to long term recovery. Following a coastal disaster, NOAA coordinates with federal, state, and local partners to assist impacted areas with resources and expertise to ensure that commerce, communities, and natural resources can recover as quickly as possible. 

A diver adding coral to a coral nursery.
Post-hurricane restoration in Puerto Rico. Image credit: NOAA.
NOAA Recovery Support

NOAA’s recovery support is focused on three key functional areas, known as Recovery Support Functions (RSFs): 

  • Natural and Cultural Resources 
  • Economic 
  • Community Planning and Capacity Building 

RSFs are defined in the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) and serve as the coordinating structures for assistance the federal government provides to disaster-impacted communities. 

Role of the Disaster Preparedness Program

The Disaster Preparedness Program (DPP) resides in the National Ocean Service but facilitates recovery planning and coordination efforts across all of NOAA and with partners according to the principles of the NDRF. 

Internally, DPP works with expertise across NOAA to develop and implement a programmatic framework for recovery. This includes strategic planning and the development of tools, training, and coordination resources to strengthen operational support capacity for future disaster recovery efforts. 

Externally, DPP facilitates collaboration with federal, state, and local stakeholders to link NOAA scientific and technical expertise, resources, and services with national and community disaster recovery priorities. DPP serves as NOAA’s liaison to interagency recovery coordination bodies at the national, regional, and incident levels. This includes participation in the Recovery Support Function Leadership Group, FEMA Regional recovery coordination groups, and recovery field operations. DPP also works with partners during steady-state to share information about NOAA capabilities and to support pre-disaster recovery planning and coordination.

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Last updated Sunday, January 10, 2021 5:46pm PST