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ESI Metadata Templates

For those creating metadata for Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps and data, here is step-by-step guidance on creating metadata using the NOAA InPort platform. These instructions can be used together with the ESI Metadata Templates available in InPort or, for those without access to InPort, used in conjunction with the templates listed below to create thorough, high quality metadata for an ESI data set.  Some metadata elements in InPort are entered as text or numbers, and some are selected from drop-down menus.

All published ESI metadata are publicly available at These records may also provide some guidance for populating your ESI metadata records. Because of some data structure changes implemented in 2015, it is best to focus on metadata for atlases published in or after 2016.

Links to Exported Metadata Tables

All metadata records for a single ESI atlas are grouped into a single InPort directory, called a Project (PRJ).

Within the Project, there will be individual Data Set (DS) records for each resource mapped. The Data Set record is the most comprehensive record, describing what’s mapped, geometry types (points, lines, and/or polys), spatial extent, sources, and more.

Each metadata Data Set will have one or more child items (entities) describing the feature data table(s) – one for each geometry mapped, and any related data tables.

ESI Metadata Templates (PRJ)

ESI Feature Data Set

ESI metadata template (DS) [PDF, 154 KB] – will describe both ESI LINE and ESI POLY feature sets

ESIP metadata template (entity) [PDF, 103 KB]

ESIL metadata template (entity) [PDF, 130 KB]


ESI HYDRO metadata template (DS) [PDF, 151 KB] – will describe both HYDRO LINE and HYDRO POLY feature sets

HYDROP metadata template (entity) [PDF, 85 KB]

HYDROL metadata template (entity) [PDF, 89 KB]


BIOLOGY Feature Data Set

ESI BIOLOGY metadata template (DS) [PDF, 150 KB] – one for each biological element, may include points, lines, and/or polys.
Include as a child item for all biological DS records:

BIOLOGY metadata template (entity) [PDF, 89 KB]

BIOFILE metadata template (entity) [PDF, 210 KB]

BREED_DT metadata template (entity) [PDF, 114 KB]


SOCECON Feature Data Set

ESI SOCECON metadata template (DS) [PDF, 157 KB]
Include as a child item for all SOCECON DS records:

SOCECON metadata template (entity) [PDF, 94 KB]

SOC_DAT metadata template (entity) [PDF, 116 KB]


Include with ALL metadata DS records (except HYDROP):

SOURCES metadata template (entity) [PDF, 115 KB]


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