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Urban Water Federal Partnership Collaboration for Environmental Justice

OCTOBER 11, 2021 ─ OR&R’s Simeon Hahn presented with EPA (Chris Orvin), the New Department of Environmental Protection Frank McLaughline), the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary (Kathy Kline and Erica Rosetti), and a community organizer, Collaborate Northeast of Wilmington, Delaware (Bobbi Britton), on the Urban Water Federal Partnership (UWFP) at the 9th Annual Del-AWARE River Watershed Forum organized by the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed.

NOAA is a co-lead federal agency for the UWFP Delaware River location (cities of Camden, New Jersey; Philadelphia; Chester, Pennsylvania; and Wilmington). A major focus of the Forum was environmental justice.

Funding provided through legislative efforts of the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed, the Delaware River Conservation Act (2016), with funding administered through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation) includes funding provided to support UWFP supported projects in the cities.

There are ongoing efforts for increasing coordination between the UWFP and Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed efforts and leveraging other federal, state/local, and private resources to support urban restoration and environmental justice efforts.

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