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Hurricane Preparedness

Prior to hurricane season each year, and well in advance of a storm being detected, OR&R proactively works to prepare by mitigating the risks and damages that accompany hurricanes. OR&R's Disaster Preparedness Program provides comprehensive preparedness services through an ongoing cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, and continuous improvement.

A satellite image of a hurricane.
Image credit: NOAA.
Training and Resources

OR&R leads training programs and exercises—provided both within NOAA and to emergency response partners across the country—to ensure quick, safe, and effective preparedness, response, and recovery when dealing with coastal threats. 

As a leader in disaster preparedness and response, OR&R provides guidance, products, and support to local, state, tribal, and other federal agencies to catalyze more efficient response to natural and human-caused disasters. Regional coordinators are strategically placed around the country to provide localized expertise and guidance to partners. OR&R also develops and distributes preparedness documents and response guides in English and Spanish to assist homeowners, marina operators, boat owners, and communities with marine debris prevention and enhance resilience before and after a hurricane. 

Continuity Planning

Federal agencies need to be prepared for any incident that may impact the delivery of essential functions. Continuity plans ensure agencies document and test ways to continue such critical work. For both the office and NOAA’s National Ocean Service, OR&R maintains a continuity of operations plan. This plan outlines actions to take in the event that hurricane impacts cause a continuity activation. 

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