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ALOHA Technical Resources

If you are interested in developing a program or tool to work with ALOHA, you may want to review the documents below:

  • Communicating with ALOHA [PDF, 112 KB] explains how ALOHA exchanges information with other programs.
  • ALOHA Pass Files [PDF, 68 KB] specifically addresses sharing threat zone information with other programs; this document supplements the information in the "Communicating with ALOHA" document.
  • Designing an ALOHA Met Station [PDF, 40 KB] describes how to design a portable meteorological station (also called a station for atmospheric measurements, or SAM) that is compatible with ALOHA.

If you are interested in learning more about how ALOHA works, you may want to review the document below:

  • ALOHA Technical Documentation [PDF, 1.3 MB] provides a description of the models and equations used by the ALOHA program to make its estimates for source strength, gas dispersion (neutrally buoyant and heavy gas), and fires and explosions scenarios. Additional background information about the program is also included.
More Information about ALOHA
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