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CAFE Instructional Videos

OR&R has created a set of instructional videos to help you learn to use the CAFE Database. You can view the videos on this page, or download them to your computer. (Each video is also included as MP4 and HTML files as part of the CAFE installer package.) Closed captioning is available in the HTML versions.

Note: To run video files within CAFE, first open the source files in the CAFE folder and then open the CAFE Videos folder. When beginning a video, be sure to check the checkbox to "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" in the Windows Media player.

To help you learn CAFE, you can also refer to the resources provided on the Getting Started page.

CAFE Basics

The CAFE Basics video guides you on how to navigate the CAFE interface and perform queries.

Download the MP4 video [mp4, 41.7 MB]
Download the HTML video [zip, 40 MB]

Oil and Dispersants

This video guides you on how to perform oil and dispersant queries in CAFE.

Download the MP4 video [mp4, 10 MB]
Download the HTML video [zip, 10 MB]

User-Added Data

The User-Added Data video shows you how to add your own toxicity data into CAFE. This feature would be used to augment that dataset used to build SSDs.

Download the MP4 video [mp4, 11.3 MB]
Download the HTML video [zip, 11.3 MB]

Import and Export User-Added Data

This video guides you in importing and exporting data you have added to CAFE.

Download the MP4 video [mp4, 2.6 MB]
Download the HTML video [zip, 3.2 MB]

Short Exposure Risk Reports

This video shows how to read CAFE's short exposure risk reports and explains the methods used to calculate the short exposure estimates. These short exposure documents were developed to predict pulse exposures of shorter durations.

Download the MP4 video [mp4, 8.2 MB]
Download the HTML video [zip, 17 MB]

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