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Generating GNOME Files

To use the GNOME ArcView 3.x Extension or ArcMap Trajectory Import Tool, you will need a GNOME output file set. Follow these steps to generate a file set:

  1. In GNOME, create and run a spill scenario.
  2. Save a set of output files. To do this, from the File menu, choose "Save," then choose either
    • "NOAA Standard Splot Files (for GIS)," to save only a single view of the spill at a single time and day.
    • "NOAA Standard Splot File Series (for GIS)," to save a series of successive views of the spill, at 1-hour intervals.
  3. In the Output Header window, you can provide information about your scenario, including the scenario name, the time/date that you prepared the output, and your name and contact phone number. In addition, you can edit the standard caveat text and omit the footer on the output.
  4. Save your file set in a new folder.
More Information about Generating GNOME Files

Digital Distribution Standard for NOAA Trajectory Analysis Information [PDF, 225.5 KB]: Learn more about the MOSS file format in this NOAA Emergency Response Division (formerly HAZMAT) report.

Questions: Contact us with your comments or questions about GNOME file formats.

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Last updated Thursday, July 12, 2012 10:18am PDT