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Third Virtual SOCR Class is in the Books!

AUGUST 16, 2021 ─ The week of August 9, OR&R held our third week long virtual Science of Chemical Releases (SOCR) Class during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Classes were held live on-line with 40 students from multiple federal and state agencies and a few non-profit response consortiums attending from across the U.S. from Hawaii to Virginia and international participants from Canada, Panama, and England. 

Emergency responders taking this NOAA class gain a better understanding of hazardous material incidents from a chemistry and environmental transport perspective.  The 5-day virtual course teaches students to better understand how to use NOAA products and services when responding to small and major chemical incidents.            

The SOCR instructors, Dalina Thrift-Viveros, Adam Davis, Al Valerioti, Charlie Henry, and Savannah Turner, engaged students with lessons on various chemical properties and how these chemicals behave when released by accident or during a terrorist event, the threat to people, and their interaction with the environment.  We have continued to improve this class each time it is taught.  For this class, Savannah Turner added a great case study on the Houston ITC response as well as breakout group activities helping to answer the fifth question “What can be done?”  Students also learned to use and interpret valuable tools such as CAMEO Chemicals, ALOHA, and MARPLOT. Models, while incredibly powerful, do have their limitations, right class?!  Students are now more prepared to respond safely and effectively to a chemical release in part from lessons learned shared from past major chemical incidents. 

SOCR was adapted to a virtual format in 2020 due to the pandemic, however the online class has been such a success that OR&R plans to continue teaching this class as both an in-person and virtual course.  The virtual format allows students that would otherwise not be able to attend because of travel cost and restrictions or other personal or family commitments to receive this valuable training.  Applications continue to far exceed the number of student seats available.  

During the coming year, OR&R plans to offer at least two more full week classes. 

While no future dates are yet set, for more information contact:

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