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GNOME Development History

The following list documents the changes and additions made to GNOME, the General NOAA Operational Modeling Environment.

Version 1.3.11 (September 2019)

In GNOME 1.3.11 (posted 9/12/19), we made the following changes/additions:

  • Extended the model years out to 2025, with corresponding tide data for location files.
  • Fixed a bug loading Save files with curvilinear netcdf grids.
  • Fixed a bug preserving the view in Save files on Windows.

Version 1.3.10 (November 2017)

In GNOME 1.3.10 (posted 11/30/17), we made the following changes/additions:

  • Updated the curvilinear grid algorithm to remove artificial shift. This corresponds to an update in the GOODS format for curvilinear grids. Any topology files for curvilinear grids will need to be regenerated.
  • Added the option to output a trajectory in kml.
  • Fixed a bug with triangle grids not recognizing time offset in move.
  • Fixed a bug causing occasional crashes when making a movie.

Location File Release and Bug Fixes (January 2015)

  • We released a new Location File for Charleston Harbor, South Carolina (posted 1/12/15).
  • We also made two fixes to the Mac version of GNOME 1.3.9, one for loading in files with long file names and another for loading in very large ASCII data files.

Version 1.3.9 (September 2014)

In GNOME 1.3.9 (posted 09/25/14), we made the following changes/additions:

  • Corrected a bug to prevent GNOME from crashing when creating topology for CO-OPS ROMS grids from GOODS.
  • Corrected an issue with spurious data in current/wind files causing a crash when users tried to display values.
  • Added an error check for bitmap height and width. (There was a problem with tall, skinny maps.)
  • Corrected a problem reading the settings file in the Mac version. (It always reset to the default settings.)
  • Updated the file I/O so that filenames longer than 32 characters are supported in the Mac version.
  • Corrected a bug with .SAV files that contained certain GOODS models that did not contain optional fields.
  • Updated GNOME's SHIO tide library code with the latest SHIO updates.
  • Corrected a bug with Daylight Savings Time. Tide files were off by an hour near the switchover.
  • Corrected a bug in the Passamaquoddy Location File, in which we had used the integer absolute value rather than float.
  • Switched wind interpolation to linear.

Location File Update (September 2014)

We released updated Location Files for:

  • Delaware Bay (Windows only, posted 09/25/14) to correct a problem in the current pattern.
  • Detroit River (posted 9/29/14) to fix some broken links in the Help files.
  • Portsmouth Harbor (Windows only, posted 9/29/14) to correct a problem with the .SAV file.

Version 1.3.8 (January 2014)

GNOME 1.3.8 (posted 01/27/14) included the following changes/additions:

  • A bug was fixed so that GNOME does not crash when users import certain hydrodynamic models from GOODS.
  • A bug in netCDF output was fixed (GNOME wasn’t catching errors).
  • The netCDF wind mover was extended to allow a topology file to be included in a command file, and to calculate topology if it is not included.
  • The command file mode was extended to allow users to save movies and MOSS files.
  • A half life field was added to particles so that spills can have unique half lives.

Version 1.3.7 (October 2013)

GNOME 1.3.7 (posted 10/17/13) included the following changes/additions:

  • This version allows users to resize the bitmap for models from GOODS that have large variations in resolution. This allows spills to be set in narrow channels.
  • GNOME was extended to support archived wind data from the NCDC and NDBC websites.
  • GNOME was extended to support changes in the LAS QuikSCAT format.
  • A bug was fixed so that the hermite polynomial for tides was correct in all cases.
  • The tide code in GNOME was updated to match the updates in the SHIO tide program.
  • Some command file fixes/extensions were completed.

Location File Update (March 2013)

We released an updated Location File for Portsmouth Harbor (posted 03/20/13) to correct a problem with the spillable area.

Version 1.3.6 (February 2013)

GNOME 1.3.6 (posted 02/21/13) included the following changes/additions:

  • A bug was fixed so that the Windows version of GNOME will not crash on exit if a BNA map contains duplicate points.
  • GNOME was extended to support new current models in GOODS.
  • Users can now choose the color of velocity vectors for currents and winds by shift-clicking on the mover name. A similar choice is offered for spills.
  • Users can now select the output timestep for netCDF LE output. Hindcasting support was also added, and LE status and depth variables.
  • Users can now model/simulate spills on lakes, to support GOODS maps.
  • Users now have the option to export topology for the Finite Volume Coastal Ocean Model (FVCOM) model data.
  • Some command file fixes/extensions were completed.

In addition, we released an updated Location File for the Lower Mississippi River that extends the current pattern and map up to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Technical Documentation Update (October 2012)

  • Updated the GNOME Technical Documentation and the Data Formats documentation (posted 10/30/12).

Version 1.3.5 (September 2012)

GNOME 1.3.5 (posted 09/14/12) included the following changes/additions:

  • A bug fix so that spills set in Location Files that use SAV files are preserved if the user runs through the Location File dialogs again.
  • Automatic connect of wind to the component mover if the user switches from Constant to Variable Wind.
  • Writes the GNOME settings file to a Windows-designated folder if it is unable to write to the GNOME folder. (This bug was causing Windows 7 users to lose their settings when they shut down GNOME.)
  • NetCDF LE output format now uses time relative to the model start time, rather than GMT.
  • Incorporates minor fixes so that the new North Slope Location File works better.

In addition, we released a new Location File for the North Slope of Alaska.

Version 1.3.4 (March 2012)

GNOME 1.3.4 (posted 03/06/12) included the following changes/additions:

  • Universal GNOME for the Mac.
  • Windows bug fix: Previously, if a GNOME user hit the Return button rather then clicking "Next" after entering data in certain Location File dialogs, the data would not be used.
  • NetCDF output option for LEs (splots), based on a community standard that is currently being developed. The self-describing output includes all the LE information for the full model run in a single file that is easier to access than pure binary.
  • Updated GNOME file format documentation.
  • Fixed a bug with NetCDF triangle grids with velocities at points. Also added an option for velocities at centers (FVCOM model data).
  • Compound Mover: For embedded grids, allows user to set a priority if grids overlap, rather than using more than one current on the overlapping areas.
  • Updated NetCDF formats to support GOODS data.
  • Command line option for Mac/Windows: Extended command file partial path options to handle Unix paths.

In addition, we replaced the Location File (Windows and Mac) for Norfolk, Virginia, which had a 2012 expiration date.

Version 1.3.3 (January 2011)

GNOME 1.3.3 (posted 01/03/11) included a crucial bug fix to allow it to be run on computers with the date set after 2010.

We also replaced the Location File (Windows and Mac) for the Strait of Juan de Fuca to extend its functionality out to the year 2025 (posted 01/13/11). The previous version did not contain tide data after 2010.

Version 1.3.2 (November 2010)

We discontinued support for GNOME for Mac OS 9 (Classic).

GNOME 1.3.2 (posted 11/01/10) included the following changes/additions:

  • The capability for GNOME to be run out to the year 2020.
  • Faster drawing of BNA maps with time-dependent currents if there is a single map loaded.
  • The ability to load a time series of netCDF files for winds, rather than loading all in one file.
  • The capability to extrapolate netCDF wind file data prior to the first date/time in the file.
  • Extended netCDF wind file formats to handle more general datasets from the Live Access Server (LAS).
  • Updated file I/O dialogs for the Mac version.
  • Updated file format documentation.
  • Fixed a bug for a memory leak in the Mac version and a bug for the binary output file option so that z is included.

Version 1.3.1 (March 2010)

GNOME 1.3.1 (posted 03/16/10) included the following changes/additions:

  • The capability for GNOME users to run a trajectory backwards. (This helps advanced GNOME users to estimate where something, such as oil from a "mystery" spill or a dead whale, originated, based on where it was found.)
  • A carbon version of GNOME for Mac OS X. Be sure to download the latest version of any Location File(s) you are using to ensure that this version works properly.
  • A new binary output option for Lagrangian element ("splot") data. All timesteps are now in one file.
  • Faster drawing of netCDF curvilinear and triangle grids velocity vectors.
  • The capability to extrapolate netCDF file data prior to the first date/time in the file.
  • Extended netCDF file formats to handle more general datasets from the Live Access Server (LAS).
  • The ability for curvilinear grid netCDF files to omit the land mask, and be loaded onto a BNA map.
  • Added two new Location Files for Detroit River and Portsmouth Harbor.
  • Fixed an Arc bug required GIS output to include uncertainty files (Uncertainty files can now be included or excluded.) as well as a bug that allows the user-selected output timestep to be used when the user makes a movie at the end of a run.

Version 1.3.0 Bug Fix (February 2009)

Fixed the .bna and current pattern for the Port Everglades Location File, after a user noticed a problem with the map. (posted 02/05/09)

Version 1.3.0 (August 2008)

GNOME 1.3.0 (posted 08/27/08) included the following changes/additions:

  • An optional wind vector was added to the Map Window.
  • Minor changes were made to the trajectory printout.
  • The help topics for GNOME and all Location Files were updated to reflect the recent changes.
  • Available spill years were extended to 2015 from 2010.
  • GNOME world was extended to -360 to 360.
  • The expiration date of the Boston and vicinity Location File was changed from 2010 to 2025.
  • Fixed a bug so that QuickTime movies were updated to work with the latest QuickTime.
  • Corrected a printing bug in the Windows version to prevent GNOME from crashing if the window title was too long.

Location File Update and Bug Fix (July 2008)

  • Added a new Location File for New York Harbor. (posted 07/22/08)
  • Fixed a bug in the Windows version of the Norfolk, Virginia Location File. (In the previous version, no "Almost Done" window opened.) (posted 7/10/08)

Location Files Update (March and April 2008)

Re-released all the GNOME Location Files with updated (2008) tidal heights and currents, produced by OR&R's in-house tide model, SHIO. A few Location Files did not contain tides, so did not require any tide changes. Those files include Lower Mississippi, ROPME Sea Area, Santa Barbara Channel, Harrison and Gwydyr Bays, and Stefansson Sound.

Location File Update (September 2007)

Released a new Location File for Passamaquoddy Bay, which straddles the northeastern section of the U.S.-Canada border, between the province of New Brunswick and the state of Maine. (posted 9/07/07)

Version 1.2.7 (February 2007)

GNOME 1.2.7 (posted 2/18/07) included the following changes/additions:

  • The output time step for movies and files was adjusted.
  • The windage factor on splots read in from a file can now be adjusted.
  • (Windows version) A splots-from-file dialog bug was fixed.
  • (Windows version) An overflight dialog bug was fixed.
  • Water circulation models allow extrapolation in time by holding the last value (x,y,t_last) constant.
  • The wind circulation models dialog box was reworked to parallel netCDF currents to add features (select time zone, extrapolate in time, etc.).
  • Minor bug fixes and extensions were implemented for netCDF formatting.
  • (Mac version) A longer movie is allowed.
  • (GIS users) Uncertainty Lagrangian element files are now required when outputting splot files.
  • Users can disable Daylight Savings Time.
  • The spill position is now more accurate in the Summary List.
  • The GNOME name changed from "General NOAA Oil Modeling Environment" to "General NOAA Operational Modeling Environment."

GNOME 1.2.7 was featured in 2006 at an Advanced Oil Spill Modeling Workshop in Mallorca, Spain.

Location File Update and Bug Fix (August 2005)

  • Added a new Location File for Norfolk, Virginia. (posted 8/05/05)
  • Fixed a bug in the Windows version of the Santa Barbara Channel Location File. (In previous versions, opening the map dialog in Diagnostic Mode would cause an error due to conflicting messages from the wizard command file.)

Version 1.2.6 (May 2005)

GNOME 1.2.6 (posted 5/13/05) included the following changes/additions:

  • Allows for naming your spills (all modes).
  • Enables you to make spills active or inactive.
  • Features the ability to disable the Location File spillable area (Diagnostic Mode).
  • Improved GNOME's operation in Windows XP.
  • Added a new Location File for the Lower Mississippi River.
  • Updated technical documentation for GNOME file formats.
  • Added the Trajectory Import Tool for Arcmap 9.x.

Version 1.2.5 (June 2004)

GNOME 1.2.5 (posted 6/28/04) included the following changes/additions:

  • Corrects a problem with multiple entry dialog boxes in Location Files. Previously, GNOME would highlight the last entry box, which was confusing to the user. The new version highlights the first entry box.
  • Added new Location Files for Port Everglades, Florida, and Stefansson Sound, Alaska.

Version 1.2.4 (October 2003)

GNOME 1.2.4 (posted 10/10/03) included the following changes/additions:

  • Created documentation on using the Ruler tool.
  • Made some changes to Diagnostic Mode to make the netCDF file formats more flexible.
  • Added a new Location File for Sabine Lake and Port Arthur, Texas.

Version 1.2.3 (May 2003)

GNOME 1.2.3 (posted 5/30/03) included the following changes/additions:

  • Improved the installer for Windows XP.
  • Added a Currents button and a Measurement tool.

Version 1.2.2 (October 2002)

GNOME 1.2.2 (posted 10/30/02) included the following changes/additions:

  • Refined the land/water map.
  • Allowed Diagnostic version users to open .SAV files created in previous versions of GNOME.
  • Added a new Location File for St. Johns River, Florida.
  • Updated the version of the Santa Barbara Channel Location File for Mac. (posted 10/21/02)

Location Files Update (July 2002)

  • Added the Harrison and Gwydyr Bays Location File.
  • Updated Glacier Bay, Alaska Location File.

Location File Update (April 2002)

Added the Glacier Bay, Alaska Location File.

Location File Update (February 2002)

Added the Gwydyr Bay, Alaska Location File, the first in a series of Alaska North Slope Location Files.

Version 1.2.0 (July 2001)

GNOME 1.2.0 included the following changes/additions:

  • Added a new Location File for Strait of Juan de Fuca.
  • Updated Location Files for Apra Harbour, Guam; Boston and vicinity, Massachusetts; Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Santa Barbara Channel, with an expanded area to the north covering much of the Santa Maria Basin, and to reflect more recent research into the circulation in the area (thanks to Ed Dever from Scripps Institution of Oceanography).

Location File Update and Bug Fix (April 2001)

Released a new Location File for Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, and a new version of Galveston Bay Location File (bug fixed in offshore currents dialog).

Version 1.1.7 (March 2001)

GNOME 1.1.7 allows you to turn off the Minimum Regret Solution when you pause a spill calculation (the model will not reset) and other changes were made to Diagnostic Mode.

Location File Update (February 2001)

Added a new Location File for Casco Bay, Maine.

Version 1.1.6 (November 2000)

  • Released GNOME 1.1.6
  • Added new Location Files for Boston and vicinity, Massachusetts; and Galveston Bay, Texas.

Version 1.1.5 (October 2000)

  • Released GNOME 1.1.5
  • Added new Apra Harbor, Guam, and Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, Location Files. (10/6/00)

Location File Update (September 2000)

Added a new San Juan Location File. (9/11/00)

Version 1.1.4 (August 2000)

  • Updated Mobile Bay Location File. (8/28/00)
  • Updated GNOME for Windows. (Mac users don't need to upgrade.)
  • Updated Location Files for San Diego Bay and Tampa Bay and added new Location Files for Delaware Bay and Mobile Bay. (posted 8/5/00)

Version 1.1.3 (June 2000)

  • Updated versions of GNOME (bugs were fixed so that oil no longer "jumps" over land and so that initial oil age for weathering is always initialized properly).
  • Revised the GNOME User's Manual, adding description of the new overflight tools.
  • Updated all Location Files (maps now display the creation or last revision date). (posted 6/26/00)

Version 1.1.2 (May 2000)

Updated versions of GNOME and the ROPME Sea Area, Tampa Bay, and San Diego Location Files. (posted 5/18/00)

Version 1.1.1 (April 2000)

  • Updated GNOME 1.1.1. (added 4/6/00)
  • Added ROPME Sea Area Location File.

Location Files Update (February 2000)

Updated versions of GNOME and all available Location Files.

Version 1.1.0 (January 2000)

  • Added San Diego Bay Location File
  • Released GNOME 1.1.0 (added 1/21/2000)

Location File Update (November 1999)

  • Added a new Tampa Bay Location File
  • Created a new GNOME User's Manual. (added 11/8/99)

Version 1.0 (October 1999)

Updated versions of:

  • A repaired Prince William Sound Location File for Windows (older versions of this Location File were missing the background flow from Hinchinbrook Entrance to Montegue Strait). The Mac version did not have the bug. (fixed 10/5/99)
  • GNOME (updated 6/11/99)
  • All Location Files, which were updated to match the new mixing scheme in GNOME. Old Location File versions will still run with the new GNOME.
  • The slightly revised user's guide for the Columbia River Estuary Location File. (revised 7/7/99)

Movies (July 1999)

Created example oil spill movies in GNOME.

Version 1.0 (March 1999)

GNOME 1.0 (released 3/16/99)

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