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GNOME Location Files and Associated Resources

Location Files, which contain prepackaged information about tides and currents for a particular place, are required to run GNOME in its standard configuration. When you’re looking at a specific region in GNOME, you can use the Location File for that area to make it easier to model the possible path of oil spills in that region.

In GNOME's Standard Mode, a Wizard asks questions to help you set up the spill scenario. The complexity of the Wizard’s questions depends on the specific region being modeled. Detailed help is always provided for each Wizard question. Don't use Location Files to model real oil spills! Take the GNOME Learning the Basics Tour to find out why not.

Download Location Files and Example Problems

Use the links below to download Location Files to use in GNOME. Along with each file is also a brief User's Guide for that file and a set of Example Problems designed to help you learn to work with that Location File. To solve any of the Example Problems, you'll need to download both GNOME and the Location File corresponding to the problem set.

We recommend that you download the latest version of GNOME whenever you get a new Location File. Many Location Files will run better with the latest version, and new versions also have useful new features.

Install Location Files

The GNOME Location Files have been compressed as self-extracting zip files so that they can be downloaded more easily from the Internet. [Need help with compressed files?]

Place each Location File, once it's unzipped, in the "GNOME" folder on your computer.

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