News from the GNOME Wizard

January 2015 Update

We are releasing a new Location File for Charleston Harbor, South Carolina.

We also made two fixes to the Mac version of GNOME 1.3.9, one for loading in files with long file names and another for loading in very large ASCII data files.

To learn about other changes and additions made to GNOME over the years, see the GNOME Development History.


A helpful addition to the GNOME Toolbox is the GNOME Online Oceanographic Data Server, or GOODS. GOODS is an online tool that helps GNOME users access base maps and publicly available ocean currents and winds from various models and data sources. You can then download the files in a format that can be read directly into GNOME (e.g., map files in BNA format; current and wind files in netCDF).

Visit the public GOODS site:

GOODS is still under active development and we’re interested in your feedback. Please contact us with your questions, comments, or suggestions for GOODS.

Upcoming Location Files

The next Location File to be created is still under consideration by the GNOME Team.

Next Generation GNOME

ERD is now in the process of developing the next generation of GNOME. This version will provide a number of new features, as well as a library of code that can be used by researchers for batch processing, integration with other models, etc.

While development is under way, the existing version will be maintained, supported, and will continue to be used for NOAA's spill response support.

New features in GNOME are planned to include:

  • Web interface for Location Files
  • Better 3-D support
  • New deep water blowout model
  • Integration with the NOAA ADIOS oil weathering model
  • Easier initialization from overflight/remote sensing data
  • Enhanced output for interaction with GIS systems
  • Parallel processing for larger scale problems
  • A scripting interface for automation and batch processing

Questions: Contact us with your questions, comments, or suggestions for GNOME.