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OR&R's Emergency Response Division Supports Two U.S. Coast Guard “Oil Spill Roadshow” Trainings in California
Instructor talking to several individuals in blue uniforms on a beach.
Response personnel from United States Coast Guard Sector San Diego and California Office of Spill Prevention & Response (OSPR) participate in a Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment (SCAT) activity during the three day training event. Image credit: NOAA
People at a conference table listen to man presenting next to a screen.
OR&R’s Jordan Stout teaches class participants about NOAA’s scientific support roles and response tools. Image credit: NOAA.

AUGUST 17, 2018 — The U.S. Coast Guard’s (USCG) District 11 Response Advisory Team (D-11 DRAT) works extensively with OR&R’s Emergency Response Division providing direct operational decision support to USCG responders during oil spills.

To better prepare USCG spill responders for future emergencies, the D-11 DRAT sponsored a three-day, customized “Oil Spill Roadshow” training this week (August 14-16) for pollution responders at USCG Sector San Diego.  During the training, roughly 30 attendees (including USCG and State responders) learned about NOAA’s scientific support roles during oil spills as well as useful NOAA tools (ADIOS oil weathering modelCAMEO Chemicals, etc), aerial observations during oil spills, properties & behavior of non-floating oils, applied response technologies like dispersants and in-situ burning, NOAA’s Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA), remote sensing tools like satellite imagery and un-manned aerial systems (UAS or “drones”), and Shoreline Assessment Cleanup Technique (SCAT).

A similar class will also be held in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area for other USCG and State responders in two weeks (August 28-30).  For more information, contact

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