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CAMEO Training

Each year, thousands of first responders and emergency planners are trained to use programs in the CAMEO® software suite.

CAMEO training is offered by many different groups, including the Department of Homeland Security, which offers training for first responders through the Louisiana State University's National Center for Biomedical Research and Training.

To find out about other upcoming CAMEO suite classes, go to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) CAMEO site's CAMEO Training Calendar.

You may also want to see when the next Science of Chemical Releases (SOCR) class is offered by our office.  While the class is more broadly focused on chemical spill response, a large portion of the class material is centered on the CAMEO software suite.

CAMEO in Schools

Several schools are using the CAMEO programs to teach students about emergency response and planning. For example,

  • Salem State University offers graduate and undergraduate geography courses that use MARPLOT® and CAMEOfm. In the graduate course, students develop integrated MARPLOT-CAMEOfm systems for communities.
  • University of Connecticut offers an undergraduate course that uses CAMEOfm, CAMEO Chemicals, and ALOHA® to look at mathematical modeling in the environment.
  • Massachusetts Maritime Academy and University of Pittsburgh also offer classes that use CAMEO programs.

Learn more about how a variety of people across the world are using the CAMEO software suite.

Questions: Contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions about the CAMEO suite.

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