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GNOME User's Manual and Tour

This section will help you operate GNOME and learn some of the fundamental concepts you need to know to use it effectively. If you haven't used GNOME before, be sure to download the GNOME User's Manual [PDF, 868.6 KB].

We recommend that you first review Chapter 1, which gives a basic explanation of GNOME, and then try the Learning the Basics tour described in Chapter 2 of the User's Manual. As you take the tour, you'll find out how to operate GNOME and learn some of the fundamental concepts you need to know to use GNOME effectively.

Take a Tour of GNOME
  1. After downloading the GNOME User's Manual [PDF, 868.6 KB], print out Chapter 2: Learning the Basics (on a color printer if possible), so you can use it as you work with GNOME. This chapter guides you, step-by-step, through a GNOME scenario describing a hypothetical crude oil spill into Long Island Sound.
  2. Visit our Downloading, Installing, and Running GNOME page to learn about downloading and installing GNOME. The Location File for Central Long Island Sound comes with GNOME. You'll need it for the tour.
Build Your Skills

To continue to build your GNOME skills, try the example problems available through our Location Files page.

GNOME Technical Documentation

GNOME Technical Documentation: Visit this page to review the technical documentation for GNOME, as well as a document that describes the latest input/output data formats and provides the GNOME format documentation.  

Questions: Contact us with your questions, comments, or suggestions for GNOME.

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