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Human-Use Resources Shown on ESI Maps

Under the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) method, human-use resources that may be either negatively impacted by an oil spills or used as access points for oil spill cleanup are typically marked on ESI maps with a symbol. The table below lists all of the categories for human-use resources, and it also includes some information about how they are displayed on ESI maps.

Category Symbol Comments
Access ESI symbol for access. Vehicular access to the shoreline
Airport/Heliport ESI symbol for airport/heliport.
Aquaculture ESI symbol for aquaculture (hatcheries, ponds, and pens). Hatcheries, ponds, and pens
Archaeological Site ESI symbol for archaeological site. Water-, coastal-, or wetland-associated
Beach ESI symbol for high-use recreational beaches. High-use recreational beaches
Boat Ramp ESI symbol for boat ramp.
Camping ESI symbol for camping.
Coast Guard ESI symbol for Coast Guard.
Commercial Fishing ESI symbol for commercial fishing.
Critical Habitat ESI symbol for critical habitat.
Diving ESI symbol for diving (high-use recreational area). High-use recreational areas
ESI/RSI Change ESI symbol for ESI/RSI change.
Equipment ESI symbol for equipment.
Facility ESI symbol for facility.
Factory ESI symbol for factory.
Ferry ESI symbol for ferry.
Hazardous Waste Site ESI symbol for hazardous waste site.
Historical Site ESI symbol for historical site. Water-, coastal-, or wetland-associated
Hoist ESI symbol for hoist.
Indian Reservation/Tribal Land ESI symbol for Indian reservation/tribal land.
Lock/Dam ESI symbol for lock/dam.
Logging ESI symbol for logging.
Management Area ESI symbol for management areas, including nature conservancies. Managed areas (including nature conservancies)
Marina ESI symbol for marina.
Marine Sanctuary ESI symbol for marine sanctuary.
Mining ESI symbol for mining. Intertidal/subtidal mining leases
National Park ESI symbol for national park.
NOAA Data Buoy ESI symbol for NOAA data buoy.
Park ESI symbol for park. State and regional parks
Recreational Fishing ESI symbol for recreational fishing. High-use recreational areas
Special Management Areas ESI symbol for special management areas. Usually water-associated
Subsistence Fishing ESI symbol for subsistence fishing. Designated harvest sites
Surfing ESI symbol for surfing.
Village ESI symbol for village.
Washover ESI symbol for washover site.
Water Discharge ESI symbol for water discharge.
Water Intake ESI symbol for water intake. Industrial; drinking water; cooling water, aquaculture
Water Quality ESI symbol for water quality.
Water Supply ESI symbol for water supply.
Wildlife Refuge ESI symbol for wildlife refuge.
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