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Response Tools for Chemical Spills

Here is a quick guide to many of the most commonly used tools and resources that OR&R offers for chemical spill responders and planners. General emergency responders may also want to refer to the quick list of tools and resources for oil spill response.

Several response personnel suit up in protective gear.
Responders at the 1995 incident caused by a turpentine tank explosion at Powell Duffryn Terminals, Inc. storage facility in Savannah, Ga. (NOAA)
  • CAMEO® software suite and related programs:
    • ALOHA®, a modeling program that estimates hazards after a chemical release.
    • CAMEO Chemicals, a database of hazardous chemical datasheets you can use to get response recommendations and predict hazards. Available in online and downloadable versions.
    • CAMEO Data Manager, an application to access and manage chemical property and emergency response information.
    • MARPLOT®, CAMEO's mapping program.
    • RMP*Comp, a program that helps chemical facilities that fall under the RMP rule complete their required offsite consequence analysis.
    • Tier2 Submit™, a program that helps chemical facilities meet their Tier II reporting requirements under Sections 311 and 312 of EPCRA.
  • Web CAFE, and the desktop CAFE Database, programs to help responders in their assessment of environmental impacts from chemical or oil spills into an aquatic environment.
  • Training, training resources for CAMEO.
More Information about Chemical Spill Response

Learn more about OR&R's tools and resources for chemical spill response. You can also find contact information for SSCs around the U.S., and a sampling of research publications written by OR&R scientists and other partners.

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