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GNOME Tool Development History

The following list documents the changes and additions made to the GNOME tools.


October 28, 2020: As part of the transition from the desktop version of GNOME to the GNOME suite of tools, we will no longer be outputting the MOSS files for Arc in WebGNOME. As a result, these tools will be deprecated and we will be unable to support users going forward.

As of February 2010, only the GNOME Trajectory Import Tool for ArcMap 9.3 or later will be maintained. Please replace any previously published GNOME import tools with the latest version, 4.0. The ArcView 3.x GNOME Extension will continue to be available but will not be supported or updated.

GNOME Trajectory Import Tools

gnome93.dll file for use in ArcMap 9.3

February 17, 2010: Released vs. 4.0, a major rewrite of the original Import Tool. All modifications apply only to the import of the trajectory contours. Bug fixes and functional changes:

  • Flags and corrects any degenerate oiling polygons that come out of the MOSS files. In the past, these issues would either prohibit clipping of shoreline (resulting in a fatal crash) and/or attributes of adjacent polygons could "leak" into each other, potentially rendering spatial analysis based on attribute or area faulty.
  • Gets rid of "background" polygons embedded in some of the MOSS contour files, converting the attribute value to that of the surrounding polygon.
  • Adds the import of beached splots. Since the contours only represent floating oil, it is important to see where the oil was previously beached.
  • Changes the representation of the uncertainty polygon from a single red line to a gray filled polygon.
  • Converts the imported polygons to single multi-part polygons based on oiling forecast (i.e., there is a maximum of 4 features in each trajectory, one feature each for "light," "medium," "heavy," and "uncertainty" oiling).
  • Creates both a ClippedTrajectory and an (unclipped) Trajectory if the user opts to clip the input to a shoreline. Only the clipped version will be added to the map, but the unclipped version is available in the Geodatabase.

October 19, 2009: Released vs. 3.1. This tool handled very large shoreline polygons without overflow problems (leading to a fatal crash) and also disposed of any degenerate shoreline polygons.  

gnome.dll file for use in ArcMap 9.2

March 16, 2007: Released original version.  

gnome.dll file for use in ArcMap 9.1 or 9.0

May 12, 2005: Released original version.  

GNOME ArcView 3.x Extension

gnome.avx file for use in ArcView 3.x

July 13, 1999: Released original version.

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