Response Tools

OR&R develops several chemical spill response tools, including the CAMEO software suite (CAMEOfm, CAMEO Chemicals, ALOHA, and MARPLOT), a group of programs used by first responders and planners to help them prepare for and deal with hazmat emergencies. In addition, responders and planners can use the Chemical Aquatic Fate and Effects (CAFE) Database, which helps you assess environmental impacts to aquatic species.

CAMEO Software Suite

The programs of the CAMEO software suite are designed to help prepare for and respond to chemical emergencies.


This is a database application to manage chemical information useful for emergency response and planning (such as chemical inventories at local facilities or chemical transportation routes), especially data that is required by EPCRA.

CAMEO Chemicals

Emergency responders and planners use this database of hazardous chemical datasheets to look up response recommendations and physical properties. The program also includes a reactivity tool that predicts what hazards could occur if chemicals were to mix together.


Emergency responders and planners use this program to model hazardous chemical releases, including toxic gas clouds, fires, and explosions.


This mapping program, with an easy-to-use GIS interface, works seamlessly with several other emergency response programs in the CAMEO software suite.

Chemical Aquatic Fate and Effects (CAFE) Database

The CAFE database is a software program that helps responders assess environmental impacts to biological species from chemical or oil spills into aquatic environments.

Meet the New CAMEO Chemicals Mobile App

April 6, 2017 - The joint NOAA-Environmental Protection Agency hazardous chemicals database is now available as a mobile app.

Named CAMEO Chemicals, the database has information on thousands of chemicals and hazardous substances, including response recommendations and predictions about explosions, toxic fumes, and other hazards. Firefighters and emergency planners around the world use CAMEO Chemicals to help them prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Tier2 Submit

This program helps chemical facilities meet their Tier II reporting requirements under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA).


This program helps chemical facilities that fall under the Risk Management Plan rule complete their required offsite consequence analyses.